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Thinking of cutting the cord?

We can help.

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Cord Cutting Solutions

Etex Streaming Bundle $99.95

Includes Phone, Internet, and Digital TV

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Streaming Solutions Playstation VUE

Watch Live Football

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Streaming Solutions

Stream your favorite entertainment on your TV.

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Tech Videos

Get answers to common tech questions from Tech Connect.

Where is the best location to place my Wi-Fi Router?
How do I become a Cord Cutter?
How fast of a data plan do I need to stream movies?
Why don't I get the full data speed that I am paying for?
Whole Home Wifi

Your Wi-Fi router is no longer something to hide.

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Tech Talk

Amazon Fire 4k vs
Apple TV 4k

What's the difference?

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Tech Home

Upgrading to a Smart Home 5 Easy Conversions

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