Upgrading your house to a SMART HOME

5 Upgrades you can make to your house.
Today the newest tech trend is converting your house into a SMART HOME. There are new devices coming out regularly that make life a little easier if you are comfortable with setting up gadgets. With Smart Home devices you can enjoy all the new innovative products hitting the market.

These devices can add home automation which can bring improved experience in each of these areas.

1. Security – Cameras, Door locks, Alarms
2. Entertainment – Smart TV, Audio System
3. Convenience – Smart Light Bulbs, Door Bell, WiFi Smart Plugs
4. Comfort – Thermostat, Ceiling Fans, Remote Controlled Shades
5. Voice Control – Amazon Echo, Amazon Cloud Cam

When setting up your Smart Home you should use quality name-brand products to make sure you are keeping your home secure specially when using cloud connected gadgets. (There have been rumors of cheap gadgets that had spy wear integrated by overseas companies.)

Our TexPerts can assist you in configuring any of these devices.

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