Securing Your Home Wi-Fi System

How to Secure your Home Wi-Fi System

1. Encryption – Use the latest WPA (Wi-Fi Protection Access) protection. WPA2 or WPA3

2. Password – A determined hacker won’t give up easily so use a long and random password.

3. Wi-Fi Access Points – Check for and remove these from your house. Get a Whole Home Wi-Fi System instead of adding more access points.

4. Guest Access – If you want to allow guest on your network turn on guest access and make sure you change this password often. The guest network allows them to connect to the internet without gaining access to homes network.

5. Hide Your Network’s Name – SSID or Service Set Identifier, is the name that is broadcast over your wireless network. If drive-by hackers don’t see your network, they may just pass on by.

6. Firewall – This is used to block against attacked form outside of the network. Most routers have built-in firewalls that have decent default settings that do a good job.

7. MAC Authentication – If you want tight control of who uses your Wi-Fi networks you can set it to only allow certain devices by using the device MAC address. This prevents unauthorized devices from accessing your network.

8. VPN – A Virtual Private Network, to keep all your surfing private from prying eyes by keeping your data encrypting it.

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