How To Avoid SPAM Emails

Discerning what to look for in spam will help you avoid becoming a victim. Spam is sent out randomly to multiple addresses, they are not specifically targeting you – it’s not personal to them.


The first step is by knowing the sender and looking at their email address to insure it isn’t a slightly different address.
Some emails will pretend to be major companies to trick you into clicking on the email.
Sometimes a friend may have been hacked and the spammer is now using their email address to get to everyone on their contact list, including you.
If there are a bunch of numbers in the email address, it is most likely spam.


Don’t assume you forgot something, spam emails will make you believe you may have forgotten something just to get you to open the email to check. Most will offer you something or say that it is information on a package you never ordered.
Even if it looks like a major company, don’t lower your defenses, this is when you want to let your skeptical side come out and inspect it first.

PHISHING (not fishing, but kind of the same)

This is when a criminal pretends to be a major company and is asking you to update your personal information or asks you to sign in so that they can make changes, this is phishing, and you want to delete this. Anytime you see We are having a problem with your account…

LINKS (may not go where you think they are going)

How to check if a like is redirecting you to a dangerous site, DON’T click on any links! You can check them out by hovering over the link, when you hover over a link it will display the actual link on the bottom left corner of your browser window.

TYPOS (or uncommon language used

We all do typos, but they are mistakes, spammers that are from different countries will make both spelling and grammar mistakes. And sometimes they are not mistakes, they are spelled a way to avoid being filtered.


This is a quick way to Malware. You can right click the attachment and select “Scan for Viruses”
Not all email is perfectly scanned for viruses, so it is up to you to safe.

Track Package Links

These links can be attempts to SPAM you, if you receive an email alerting you of a package for you to track but you were not expecting it, don’t click on it.

Criminals are constantly refining and updating their spam. If something feels wrong, even if it is not on this list, play it safe and ignore the email.

Find out more on the Official website of the Department of Homeland Security

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