What is a Cord Cutter?

What does the term “Cord Cutter” mean?

This is a fast-growing movement of consumers who are tired of being charged too much for cable TV programming.

As programming rates increase, service providers like Etex are forced to pass these costs on to our customers. Often these customers decide to get an antenna and a Netflix account, then they disconnect their traditional cable services. Therefore, the million-dollar question is “How much is too much for cable?”.

However, there are some changes these customers must get used to. The first “TV INPUTS” not all of your TV programing comes into the same TV Input. This means you have to change the input on your TV to watch multiple TV services. For example, if you have an antenna or cable box for your local channels that are on input 1 and you have a streaming player, like a Roku or an Apple TV for your Netflix on input 2, you would have to switch back and forth to see all of your programs. If this does not bother you then there are dozens of great streaming services to choose from.

Our goal at Etex is to make technology easy for the consumer. To make this simple for you we’ll talk about a streaming service Etex has tested and recommends.

PlayStation Vue is a great alternative cable service for users who would like to get away from expensive plans and contracts. This service allows consumers to keep the channels they enjoy watching while saving money. With standard services in each package like HD, DVR, VOD and a mobile application for your smartphones and tablets, this is a great low-cost service that can meet many of your needs. You simply sign up online, select your package, download the app to your streaming player, log in and enjoy.

With Etex high-speed internet, coupled with our local channel only package you can save hundreds of dollars annually. Listed below this video are all the items you would need to utilize a service like PlayStation Vue. If this is something you are interested in feel free to call one of our Entertainment specialists at Etex.

Learn how to become a cord cutter.

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