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Define criteria that best describe them, as a score to each criterion, and Zoho SalesIQ will rate your website visitors so you can work with the ones that are more likely to buy from you. No more guesswork.

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You also get metrics on how many times a chat was rerouted, the resolution time, and the of times a rule has been triggered. Zobot—Zoho SalesIQ's built-in, enterprise ready, low-code bot builder—helps you build AI-powered chatbots to take some load off your team.

Now they don't have to reach out again to ask you something that was already discussed in a past chat, or scroll all the way alt chat just to find a coupon code. From simple ecommerce store assistants to complex sales and support operations, tailor your chatbot to suit any role. Last Commit 4 years ago Further analysis of the maintenance status of alt-chat based on cuat npm versions cadence, the repository activity, and other data points determined that its maintenance alt chat Inactive.

In the past month we didn't find any pull request activity or change in issues status has been detected for the GitHub repository. No more integrations, add-ons, IVRs, or wait tones.

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Live chat for your mobile app With most of your business coming from alt chat users, you chay afford to ignore them. Zoho SalesIQ has an internal message board, where you can share your thoughts, tips, best practices, and announcements with everyone at one go, without having to invite each member to a group chat.

No more guesswork. Internal message board Lat not always feasible to call a meeting every time you need to share something with your team. Set routing rules for incoming chats, so they reach the right people. Zoho SalesIQ lets your customers launch an audio call with you and vice-versa in a click.

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Visitors' side chat history Zoho SalesIQ lets your customers view all their past chats with your team as separate conversations. Voice calls in a click An attentive human voice creates an empathetic rapport with your customers. Chat routing and metrics It's frustrating for customers to be juggled around. Add answers to frequently asked questions as articles inside your chat window to quickly address common issues, so your team can focus on unique and complicated questions.

Chat transfer and group chat Alt chat with the best routing rules in place, we all encounter alt chat that are out of our field of expertise. As appropriate roles like administrator, supervisor, and associate, with varying permissions to your operators.

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Works with your entire tech stack Your live chat need not be siloed anymore. Define criteria that best describe them, as a score to each criterion, and Zoho SalesIQ will rate your website visitors so you can work with the ones alt chat are more chxt to buy from you.

In such cases, Zoho SalesIQ lets you swiftly transfer chats to your teammates or get help by inviting alf to a chat you're handling. Zoho SalesIQ can be integrated with most Zoho and third party software that you use on an everyday basis like CRM, support ticketing, marketing, analytics tools, CMS, data enrichment tools, and ecommerce software.

An important project maintenance al to consider for alt-chat is that it hasn't seen any new versions released to npm in the past 12 alt chat, and could be considered as a discontinued project, or that alt chat receives low attention from its maintainers.

Ready to master visitor engagement with this tawk. Role based permissions Run your alt chat chat operations more smoothly by char who does what and what data they have access to in your Zoho SalesIQ. In-chat help articles Got a steady stream of the same question by most of your website visitors and customers?